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The proposed house design responds to the rolling drumlin landscape of the Westport and Clew Bay area.

In order to integrate a home naturally within a sloping site, we have designed a bespoke home which responds to the site it’s in and the dwelling is designed around its environs. The layout is an "upside down" house with the kitchen and main living area on the upper floor with direct access onto a south terrace.

The building form takes inspiration from traditional hay barns finished in corrugated metal sheeting. The proposed house design utilises a quadrant barrel roof in a contemporary interpretation of the vernacular barn. The quadrant barrel shape conceals the first floor level by allowing a living space in the roof while the eaves level on the eastern/front elevation is lower reducing the building mass and height. On the south elevation the quadrant barrel allows the roof to project over a flat roof living space drawing south light deep into the kitchen and living space.

New Build House
Planning Permission Granted: October 2022

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