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New-build house design in the Westport Quay area which responds to its environs. The site size is compact and positioned between two other homes. Prior to commencing designs for this project we established and understood the site constraints attached to the site. Having such constraints forces the design to be more creative and innovative to design around and fit into such a site.

The house is positioned on the south-east end of the site closer to the adjoining houses. The proposed south and east facades respond by presenting a relatively blank elevation to each of these orientations and by doing so, it affords privacy to each dwelling and removes overlooking. By anchoring the house to this corner of the site, it allows the house to open-up and spill out onto the other two orientations to the west and north. These orientations are more private and not overlooked by the adjoining houses. While the house appears relatively windowless from approach, on the rear side, it opens up with large windows into the private garden space taking in evening west sunlight and views out to Clew Bay through the large trees on the north-west boundary

A double height space is introduced over the kitchen to draw in south sunlight into the kitchen/living space without placing a direct window in the ground floor therefore reducing any risk of overlooking or loss of privacy. This south window is further fitted with timber fins to disguise the window in the elevation but also to provide solar shade to the kitchen from direct south sunlight.

New Build House
Planning Permission Granted: December 2022

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