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The house design is a contemporary bespoke home designed and shaped by its environment. The design responds to the steep incline of the site and uses it to design a carefully considered home.


The lower ground floor runs parallel with the site contours and tucks into the hill. By doing so, it is not visible from the ground floor entry level as it is submerged from view. By running parallel to the contours, it also reduces the amount of excavation required on site and instead it is knitted into the existing topography.

The ground floor level opposes the lower floor level and runs perpendicular to it and the contours. By doing so it is transverses the site contours by touching and being supported by ground level on one end to being suspended above the ground cantilevering over the lower floor at the other end. The result is a dramatic juxtaposition of two volumes in opposing directions which form differentiating spaces and views for the occupier.

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